Flickr/Gage Skidmore

House Republicans have chosen to make their already horrible health care bill (which is really a tax bill) even worse.

To appease the far right-wing House Freedom Caucus, Ryan and Company have cut even more out of the bill.  The Washington Post reports that they have accelerated the expiration of the ACA’s taxes, and further restricted the federal Medicaid program.

Republicans from upstate New York also scored a victory when an amendment was added that would keep hundreds of millions of dollars in local taxes out of the New York state Medicaid program.

  1. Of course, the House Freedom Caucus is still not happy, since it doesn’t hurt enough people, nor does it put more money in the health care industry’s pockets.  “Nothing’s changed,” said Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), House Freedom Caucus co-founder.  “We’ve still got lots of problems with this bill.”

The House is expected to vote on the bill this Thursday.  Call your local Congressman/Congresswoman and voice your opposition to the bill: 202-224-3121.