Flickr/Shannon O'Toole

It should not have been a surprise when President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would begin unraveling Barack Obama’s environmental record.  It should also be no surprise that despite this executive order, coal jobs will not be returning.

But what do you mean?  Trump said many times while running that he would bring back coal jobs!  Well, Trump says a lot of things, most of which are lies.  And you would be a fool if you believed them.

So, coal jobs aren’t coming back?  But I thought Trump was ending the war on coal?

Yes, Trump did say, “Our administration is putting an end to the war on coal. We’re ending the theft of American prosperity, and rebuilding our beloved country.”  The only problem is, there is not war on coal.

Coal jobs have left the Appalachian Mountains because demand for coal is decreasing, despite coal and other fossil fuels being cheap.  Wind, Solar, and other renewable energy sources are outpacing fossil fuels 2 to 1.  So, if we remember back to 10th grade economics class, there is no point in having a supply of a good that there is no demand for.

When Henry Ford began making motor cars, did the carriage makers whine about losing their jobs to new technology?  No, they went to work in the Ford plant.

So, if you live in coal country, perhaps you should stop waiting for your job to come back, and embrace change.  Go get a job in solar or wind energy.

Equally important would be electing politicians who can help you, the citizens of Appalachia, rather than helping the corporations that have bought the Republican party.